Poem Sharing (Cry Out)
The Salón Potluck at New Woman Space
Brooklyn, NY
July 20, 2018

Poem Sharing is an ongoing project where I asked people to read a short poem together in a public space. After we read the poem, I asked everyone to write a word, a thought or a sentence that reflects upon it. In the spirit of reciprocity, I first share something vulnerable about myself.

When I saw the invite to participate, I immediately thought of sharing a poem I learned while in Ashville for a workshop led by Elder Malidoma Somé.

The postcard invite had the image of red hot lava flows. Lava as the fiery tears of the earth. A metaphor for intense emotion, be it joy or pain. Lava as the physical evidence of release.

Cry Out In Your Weakness, written by Rumi, 13th Century.

El Salón is a series of monthly get togethers, under the umbrella of a potluck. Each evening of El Salón aims to start conversations that contextualize artists, collectives, creative endeavors, personal journeys and histories. Narratives are abstract and objective giving light to different modes in which art and culture is made. The vitality that comes from this open forum, conversations; act as an active response to contemporary art making and materiality, socio-political systems, and cultural exchange.

The Salón is organized and led by Eva Mayhabal Davis.

For the July 20, 2018 session, Carlos J. Rivera and Ivan Gaete presented work and talk about their own respective practices.

                        ink and graphite on index cards
                        14 cards, 3" x 5” each