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DYKWTCA  --- Do You Know Where The Children Are?
January - July 2020. Link

Beez & Honey Podcast
November 2019
Ivan Gaete: Weaving a world from works on paper   ︎

Whitehot Magazine
August 2019
I Come To This Place, Journey into an Exhibition, by Luisa Caldwell

Ivan Gaete presents three months of The New York Times cut and manipulated into four sculptures as one installation called Unwoven (NYT). A participatory piece invites the viewer to take one of the many headlines cut from the paper and stapled into a corner as a fringed diamond shape. Once choosing a headline we were to read it aloud. As I did this during the packed opening night nobody heard me say, “Four Cats, Sharing a Role, Steal the Show”. I felt that was the point, not to be heard, as an analogy to media saturation and information overload. And taken out of context, a common media manipulation, the phrase I read aloud made no sense.  Link

Wall Street International Magazine
July 2019
I Come To This Place

Artist Iván Gaete carefully dissects his consumption of materials. Using the newspaper he reads everyday, Gaete transforms the New York Times into objects to be consumed. Simultaneously his installation becomes an homage to the power of words and the transformation of information from trees to paper. The economics of resources examines the politics of production that looks at raw materials as cultural signifiers. There is a direct hand imprint of labor, intimacy, and making.  Link

Artnet News
July 2019
Editors’ Picks: 19 Things Not to Miss in New York’s Art World This Week
Exhibition Tour of “I come to this place” at Smack Mellon. Link